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I AM x CAMP 🔥🔥

The only camp in Denmark with exclusive focus on female vibes and intensive heels training! If you’re into sexyness and hair whipping, you DON’T wanna miss out on this opportunity!

I AM x CAMP is an intensive training camp with focus on straightening the participants feminin expression through dance, and to develop their personal charisma, technique and sexuality.

The camp will take place from 10th till 12th og August 2018 in Aarhus, and is without room & board.

We’re gonna work it with and without heels, so BRING YOUR BEST 👠👠
We will finish the camp with VIDEOSHOOT and SOLOSHOOTS plus an exclusive performance at Super Flex event on the 12th of August.
We have invited top professional choreographers with many years of experience, both as teachers and performers, and they can’t wait to pass some of it on!!🔥💯

At the camp we will be scouting for more talents for I AM x SQUAD – a group of girls who will be working with creating professional dance shows! In close collaboration with the event agency The Urban Company, they will be working towards booking performance jobs!
I AM x SQUAD is a part of Planum Family.

This is gonna be BIG y’all! Don’t miss out!

I AM CAMP 2018