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Superflex is a dance battle organized by Planum Dance Camp, held at the BGI Academy. The goal is to create an event with some broader perspectives and larger frames for the many talented dancers, thus creating even more attention to dance as an art form. With Superflex and Planum Dance Camp, we will create cohesion about dance and hip hop and all its aspects.

Access to SuperFlex

  1. The event is free for all Planum Dance Camp 2018 participants and their parents (2 person)
  2. Registration fee for battle per participant: 75 DKK. Registration for battle is done online.  If you’re going to participate at Planum Dance Camp 2018, more info will be shared at the camp.
  3. Ticket fee for the event: 100 DKK and paid on the day in cash or MobilePay.


  1. Solo (1 against 1)
  2. Duo (2 against 2)

In solo and duo battle, you compete 1 against 1 and 2 against 2 and the winner goes on to the next round.

There are cash prizes of …. DKK (coming soon!)

Superflex is an all-style battle and all styles are welcome.

Music + Time

  1. DJ chooses music for the battle
  2. Music is 45 seconds per competitor
  3. DJ plays the same song for each battle


  1. All participants / dancers present themselves with a 45-second solo in front of the judges and for music that DJ chooses.
  2. After the presentation, the judges will choose the best in each age group that moves on to the next round
  3. The number of dancers who move on to the next round depends on the number of registrations
  4. Battle in quarter finals and semi-final consists of 2 solo dances for each competitor
  5. The final consists of 3 solo dances for each competitor
  6. The music is controlled by DJ who determines the music


  1. Judges will be announced when we get closer to the event
  2. Judges judge according to the following criteria:

Style: flow, rhythm, musicality, pace and attitude

Technique: The accuracy and quality of your presentation

Execution: creativity, intensity, originality of entertainment value.

Age groups

Superflex is divided into the following age groups:

  • 8 – 13 years
  • 14 – 17 years
  • +18 years

If there are not enough registrations for an age group, the group will be closed, but you can move up to the next category if you want to battle.