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About us

Planum is one of the leading dance houses in Denmark, dedicated to providing the ultimate dance experience in hip hop styles. We believe that dance is the most rewarding way of expressing yourself. Dancing is life-affirming and a great source of energy and inner joy, which we believe to be experienced by everyone. Being part of Planum is tantamount to being part of dance studio, fully committed to the art of dance and constant care to develop, inspire and challenge you to be the best of you.

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The best dance camp in Denmark.


Dancing since 2012.


30.07.18 - 03.08.18

Planum Dance Camp is the ultimate camp for anybody seeking the best of urban and hip hop dancing. The camp was started in 2012 with the aim of creating a platform for developing the Danish urban dance scene. The goal of the camp is to inspire and develop the participants’ skills through a quality, challenging, and fun programme taught in a positive and supportive environment. Social activities aimed at promoting a sense of community are in focus. In order to achieve our goals, we invite pedagogical, creative, motivational, and highly professional teachers, both from Denmark and abroad. These teachers are the source of information that inspires participants and helps each individual realise his or her full potential.
We are proud to have created an event that succeeds in bringing people together in their attempts to improve their dance skills and to become part of a community of like-minded individuals.

Danmarks bedste dance camp!

BGI Boarding School is known to be a vibrant and dynamic place with many options. The school offers main subjects such as dance, adventure, music and more.

BGI has the best facilities of all boarding schools in Denmark. This include two dance studios, an outside studio and several and halls where you can unfold yourself and dance or play ball as much as you want. Moreover, there are cozy areas where you can relax with games or other fun.

There will be adults present throughout the camp to ensure the participants’ safety. Our team comprises individuals with different backgrounds and skillsets who will make sure that your experience at the BGI Academy is both safe and secure.

From Horsens station departs Bus 105 to BGI Academy

BGI’s kitchen will provide with delicious meals at the camp. The kitchen’s policy in this area is fundamental to serve a healthy, varied, high fiber and low fat diet. The kitchen uses seasonal fruits and vegetables, and coarse vegetables are always part of the menu. There will always be something delicious, both for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can buy some hot merchandise at the camp or get a head start on: www.planum.dk.
Aside from merchandise, it is possible to purchase sweets to satisfy your cravings as well as a variety of other products


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